Loan Rates
Loan TypeAPR*
New/Used Vehicles (financing up to 36 months) 5.49%^-10.99%
New Vehicles (financing up to 60 months) 5.74%^-11.49%
New Vehicles (financing up to 75 months) 5.74%^-12.49%
Used Vehicles+ 5.74%^-12.49%
New Titled Security (RV's, ATV's, Motorcycles, Boats) 6.49%^-13.49%
Used Titled Security (RV's, ATV's, Motorcycles, Boats) 6.49%^-13.49%
Equipment Loans 7.99%^-14.99%
Signature/Line of Credit 10.74%^-17.99%
Share Loans (up to 24 months) 3.00%
Share Loans (up to 60 months) 5.00%
Share Certificate Loans (up to maturity of certificate) 2.00% + cert. rate
Home Equity Loans 8.50%
Visa® Classic Credit Card 13.99%
Visa® Platinum Credit Card 11.99%

Loan rates are subject to credit qualifications and rates may change at any time. Other restrictions may apply.

*Annual Percentage Rate. 

^Lowest stated rates factor in rate deductions that members may qualify for (up to 1.00% off) based on different criteria. However, loan rates cannot go below Santee Cooper Credit Union's established floor rate. Please note that not all members qualify for these rate reductions. 

+Auto loans financed that are older than 10 model years back will be priced at signature loan rates. 

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